Set out all the ingredients for these healthy hand rolls so diners can have fun making their own. Look for bean thread noodles--sometimes labeled vermicelli, mung bean or cellophane noodles--along with sheets of nori (seaweed) in the Asian section of most supermarkets.

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Source: EatingWell Magazine, July/August 2016


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Instructions Checklist
  • Bring a medium saucepan of water to a boil. Add noodles and remove from heat; let soak until tender, about 15 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, whisk coconut milk, lime juice and curry paste in a small bowl until smooth.

  • Drain and rinse the noodles well, then coarsely chop and transfer to a medium bowl. Add fish sauce and toss to coat.

  • To assemble rolls, lay a half sheet of nori on a clean surface with a long edge facing you. Spread 2 tablespoons of the noodles on the left side of the nori. Top with a little shrimp, avocado, carrot, bell pepper and herbs. Roll the nori into a cone shape, wetting the loose edge with a little water to seal. Serve the rolls with the sauce.


Make Ahead Tip: Prepare sauce (Step 2) and cut vegetables; refrigerate separately for up to 1 day. Cut nori just before assembling the rolls.

Refrigerate leftover coconut milk for up to 1 week or freeze for up to 2 months. It will appear separated when thawed; simply mix until smooth.
For sustainable shrimp, look for shrimp that's certified by an agency like the Marine Stewardship Council. If y

Nutrition Facts

362.9 calories; protein 30.7g 61% DV; carbohydrates 35.9g 12% DV; exchange other carbs 2.5; dietary fiber 5.5g 22% DV; sugars 3.1g; fat 11.9g 18% DV; saturated fat 4.7g 24% DV; cholesterol 214.3mg 71% DV; vitamin a iu 6114.1IU 122% DV; vitamin c 52.7mg 88% DV; folate 78.3mcg 20% DV; calcium 119.6mg 12% DV; iron 2.6mg 14% DV; magnesium 79.9mg 29% DV; potassium 769.5mg 22% DV; sodium 811.7mg 33% DV; thiamin 0.1mg 8% DV.