Soy sauce and five-spice powder infuse your favorite cut of meat or chicken with intense flavor. For perfect balance, pair with Scallion Ginger Dipping Sauce.

Corinne Trang


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  • Whisk soy sauce and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Stir in five-spice powder and garlic. Marinate: 1 to 2 hours. Discard marinade before grilling.


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16.1 calories; protein 0.3g 1% DV; carbohydrates 3.8g 1% DV; exchange other carbs 0.5; dietary fiber 0.1g; sugars 3.2g; fatg; saturated fatg; cholesterolmg; vitamin a iuIU; vitamin c 0.1mg; folatemcg; calcium 3.3mg; iron 0.2mg 1% DV; magnesium 1.9mg 1% DV; potassium 10.7mg; sodium 177.8mg 7% DV; thiaminmg.