Week #9: Solve Problems


By EatingWell Editors

Techniques for overcoming obstacles to losing weight.

Techniques for overcoming obstacles to losing weight. If you’ve been keeping a food diary as part of your weight-loss efforts you’ve probably noticed that every time you eat out, you exceed your daily calorie goal by, um, more than your calorie goal actually is. You’ve realized that going to a 7 p.m. movie before having dinner is a recipe for popcorn overload. Now… what are you going to do about it? You’re going to figure out how to fix the obstacles that are getting in the way of your losing weight. Use these tips and tools to help you achieve weight-loss success.

Articles, tips and community discussion:

* 4-step technique to help solve problems
* Get-skinny solutions
* Nicci Micco's Blog: Easy ways to outsmart diet disasters
* Community discussion: What problems make it tough to improve your eating and exercise habits? What solutions have helped you "fix" them?

Tools to help you this week:

* Tackle a Tricky Problem Worksheet (click to download pdf)

Photo Caption: Going to a movie before dinner is a recipe for diet disaster. Before the show, fill up on plenty of lean protein and fiber to keep you from gorging on buttery popcorn and sweets. Outwit Diet Busters: 4 fixes to help you lose weight »