Week #5: Outsmarting Eating Triggers


By EatingWell Editors

Learn to identify and overcome the foods and situations that cause you to overeat.

Some people can’t resist chocolate. Others get tripped up by cheese curls and tortilla chips. And then there are those of us who can’t walk by a bakery without breaking down and buying a giant cookie. We all have our “eating-trigger” issues. What are yours? Writing down not only what you eat, but also where, how and with whom, can help you identify the situations and foods that cause you to eat too much. Once you zero in on your triggers, you can figure out how to deal with them. For example, if you notice that you tend to go nuts on cookies or potato chips late at night when you’re chilling out in front of your favorite television program, you might learn to keep healthier snacks, such as popcorn, on hand or budget those calories into your day. But the first step is identifying the problem(s)—read the articles below for help with that.

Articles, tips and community discussion:

* Figure out what your triggers are and learn easy strategies to cope
* Get a (nonfood) life
* How to eat: 7 simple tactics for cutting calories without changing what you eat
* 4 diet derailers to watch out for
* Life in the fast (food) lane
* Learn how to eat mindfully
* Find out why mindful eating could be the secret to weight-loss success
* Quick weight-loss tips
* Community discussion: What are your eating triggers?

Tools to help you this week:

Track Your Weight

Photo Caption: Don't let high-calorie snacks derail your weight loss goals. Choose satisfying low-cal snacks such as Cheesy Popcorn, at 75 calories per serving.