Week #11: Be Nice to Yourself


By EatingWell Editors

Tips and tools to stay positive on your weight-loss journey.

OK, so let’s say that you went ahead and ate the ice cream after all those pieces of pizza. Does that make you a failure? Heck no! (Just someone who’s experienced a minor lapse of judgment.) Calling yourself names will do only bad things to your self-esteem and your weight-loss success. So stop it! Get ideas to stay positive from these tips and tools.

Articles, tips and community discussion:

* Thinking thin: Avoid the all-or-nothing thinking trap and don't beat yourself up
* Nicci Micco's Blog: Indulge yourself and lose weight
* Community discussion: How do you stay nice to yourself?

Tools to help you this week:

* Rewrite Your Script worksheet (click to download pdf)

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