Week #10: Think Big Picture


By EatingWell Editors

The key to overcoming slip-ups is to forgive, forget it and get right back on track.

Your diet is sailing along well—you’re making great food choices and working out. You’re hitting your calorie targets, shedding a pound or two a week and fielding compliments left and right. Basically, you feel like a rock star given all that you’ve accomplished!

And then: someone orders a pizza. You eat a slice. Then you have another and another and just one more. You’re feeling guilty and you’re about to drown your sorrows in some ice cream. But you decide to stop and rein your eating in. Why? Because the key to overcoming such slip-ups is to forgive, forget it and get right back on track.

Articles, tips and community discussion:

* How to stop a binge
* 6 steps to prevent diet relapses
* Nicci Micco's Blog: Fall off the weight-loss wagon? Here's how to get back on track
* Community discussion: How do you recover from diet slip-ups and get back on track?

Tools to help you this week:

* Back-on-Track Strategies worksheet (click to download pdf)

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