Week #1: Are You Ready for a Change?


By EatingWell Editors

The first step of the EatingWell Diet is deciding whether you're actually ready.

Most diet plans tell you to start losing weight right NOW. Never mind that you’re working 70-hour weeks or you’re taking care of two toddlers and a sick parent, and that right now, quite honestly, is not a very convenient time to start to follow a strict diet and hit the gym every day. What you really need to do to lose weight successfully is figure out what’s realistic for your “real” life. (Are you ready for a complete lifestyle overall right now? Take our quiz.) No matter what’s going on in your life, a good first step to making healthy diet changes is starting a food diary where you record everything you eat and drink—and how many calories these foods and beverages contain. Do this for a week to get a sense of what you’re eating now.

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