Saving Summer

By Hilary Meyer

Preserve the bounty of summer with homemade salsa and hot sauce.

The sun is setting earlier these days; fall is just around the corner. As my husband and I close down our tiny garden plot for the season, we harvest the last of our bountiful tomatoes, peppers and onions and start chopping. Every year, we turn our late-summer harvest into salsa and tangy hot sauce. It always amazes me how those three ingredients can be tossed together and, with a few tweaks, yield very different but equally delicious results. And the best part is, we can enjoy the taste of summer long after the season has ended. We always grow too much, so we make several batches and use the lazy way of preserving; we store our extra salsa and hot sauce in the freezer until we’re ready to use it. When we defrost some in January, we’re pulled right back to those late-summer days in front of the cutting board.