Learning to Like Tofu


Easy tips to help you eat more healthy vegetable protein.

We’ve all heard that we should eat less animal protein, for a variety of reasons. But just substituting tofu for meat just doesn’t seem like the answer. Even if we try to tell ourselves to love tofu and eat it more frequently, its bland taste and soft texture don’t exactly appeal to the tofu novice.

There are a few techniques to make tofu more palatable to newbies:

Tofu’s texture is a bit more challenging. You can embrace its softness by mashing it to the consistency of ricotta cheese and using it in stuffed shells or lasagna. Or dredge it in flour, cornstarch, breadcrumbs or even coconut and sauté it in a little oil in a nonstick pan for a crisp exterior and tender, creamy center. If the blocky look is a turn-off, try crumbling it into uneven pieces, creating more surface area for improved texture.