Fun Lunchboxes for a Good Cause

Your lunch will taste better in these chic lunchboxes made by a woman's cooperative in the Philippines.

“Packing your lunch is a great way to control calories and fat in your diet. When you eat out at a restaurant or get a sandwich from a deli, you really never know exactly what’s in it,” says Jean Harvey-Berino, Ph.D., R.D., co-author of The EatingWell Diet. And, while you can pack a lunch in just about any container (using cold packs when packing perishable items), a special lunchbox makes it a little more fun.

We just love these lunchboxes fashioned from discarded juice and milk containers by a woman’s cooperative in the Philippines. These stylish Bazura Bags will inspire you to pack a lunch and you’ll be supporting environmental and economic sustainability at the same time. Find the lunchboxes ($15.95-$19.95) plus a complete line of functional, chic and durable products made from recycled containers at