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20 minute dinner recipes

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Fresh Tomato Vinaigrette


From EatingWell:  The EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry Cookbook (2006), The Essential EatingWell Cookbook (2004)

Grating tomatoes is a terrific technique for getting body into the dressing without adding a lot of oil. Toss this summery dressing with romaine or spinach.

About 1/2 cup | Active Time: 10 minutes | Total Time: 10 minutes



  1. Set a box grater over a shallow bowl. Rub the cut side of a tomato half against the coarse holes to squeeze out tomato flesh. Discard skin. Repeat with remaining tomato halves.
  2. Skewer garlic clove with a fork and use it to vigorously mix vinegar into the grated tomato. Still mixing, slowly drizzle in oil. Add parsley (or basil) and season with salt and pepper. Discard garlic.


Per tablespoon : 23 Calories; 2 g Fat; 0 g Sat; 1 g Mono; 0 mg Cholesterol; 2 g Carbohydrates; 0 g Protein; 0 g Fiber; 39 mg Sodium; 92 mg Potassium

Exchanges: 1/2 vegetable, 1/2 fat