Cheap Meals

By EatingWell Editors

Forget take-out. Here are 100+ easy recipes for budget-friendly meals at home.

It’s hard to escape the biggest news in the country: the economy’s struggling. At a personal level, the nation’s financial woes may have you figuring out where you can cut costs. Cooking at home instead of eating out is an easy way to save money, particularly if you focus your meals around cheap ingredients.

We’ve pulled together more than 100 recipes that utilize some inexpensive, but nutritious, items from the grocery store. Browse these suggestions for recipes to help you save money and make an easy, budget-friendly dinner tonight.

Dinner in a Snap

These recipes use low-cost main ingredients that pack a lot of flavor, such as chicken thighs, beans and ground beef.


Forget Takeout

Save money and eat healthier at home with these easy, delicious ethnic recipes.


Save Money at Every Meal

Packaged on-the-go foods don’t hold a candle to these easy and healthy breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert recipes.