Perfect Thanksgiving Menu and Planner

By EatingWell Editors

Our classic Thanksgiving feast made healthy.

The challenges of preparing Thanksgiving dinner are, always, time and oven space. Use this planner to help you schedule both.

Up to 1 week ahead:

Make relish. Cover and refrigerate.

Up to 2 days ahead:

Prepare green beans through Step 1. Cover and refrigerate.
Prepare mashed roots through Step 2. Cover and refrigerate.
Make dough for pie crust (Step 1). Wrap in plastic and refrigerate.

Up to 1 day ahead:

Assemble stuffing through Step 3. Cover and refrigerate.
Make cake through Step 4.

Thanksgiving morning:

Make the pie.

About 4 hours before serving:

Get the turkey in the oven.
Prepare gravy through Step 1.

1 1/2 hours before serving:

Put the stuffing in the oven to bake (Step 4); keep warm until ready to serve.
Glaze and garnish the cake.

30 minutes before serving:

Finish the gravy (Steps 2-4).
Finish the green beans (Steps 2-3).
Reheat and finish the mashed roots (Step 3); keep warm until ready to serve.

15 minutes before serving:

Carve the turkey.