Shopping Basics

By EatingWell Editors

Get the most out of your trips to the grocery store with these 3 simple tips:

1. Make a detailed shopping list grouped by the layout of your favorite supermarket. It makes your trip much less stressful if you don’t have to backtrack through the store because you forgot the carrots when you’re already at the register.

2. Be a picky shopper. Search for ripe fruits and vegetables—they cook faster and are more flavorful. The general rule for almost all fruits and vegetables is: If it doesn’t smell like anything, it won’t taste like anything.

3. Buy perishable products last and get them into your refrigerator and freezer first when you get home.

While a good shopping list is the key to a quick and painless trip to the supermarket, a well-stocked pantry is the best way to ensure you’ll have everything you need to cook once you get home. Our Healthy Pantry Guide includes all the items you need plus a few other ingredients that will make unplanned meals easier.