Meredith Expands Its Menu: Publisher Acquires EatingWell Media, Aiming to Extend Reach of Food Magazines
Wall Street Journal, June 27, 2011

Green Ink: Charlotte's EatingWell is Conquering the Food Media World, One Recipes at a Time
Seven Days, April 6, 2011

"[EatingWell] marries sound health and nutrition advice with practical, delicious recipes. ... tackles today's toughest political food issues in a format that is helpful to home cooks, and it never dumbs down its content to the level of sound bite journalism.... They're not afraid to go against conventional wisdom-- note a recent article about how farmed salmon may be as healthy as wild."
The Chicago Tribune

"... EatingWell is highly recommended for its inspiring content and timely and refreshing attitude."
The Philadelphia Inquirer

"...outstanding photography and tantalizing recipes that are quick and easy. Recipes slash the fat and calories and substitute ingredients with higher nutritional value than their lesser counterparts."
The Dallas Morning News

"Bright, slick pages... user-friendly recipes...for readers who take nutrition seriously..."
The New York Times

"Most of the recipes are low in fat and salt, high in complex carbohydrates (as opposed to refined sugar and flour), and linked to the foods in season."
The Chicago Tribune

"Dependable recipes..."
The Columbus

"...filled with delicious recipes, nutrition advice, cooking tips, food travel items and beautiful food photography."
Los Angeles Daily News

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