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“I am so glad you track and summarize the latest studies and findings and provide them in an unbiased way in the magazine. I have adopted several new eating habits based on the information you have provided. Please keep up the good work!”

“I love the pictures and step-by-step instructions. The ingredients used are what I am likely to have on hand, or have readily available at the grocer. I work full time, and don’t want to be trying to hunt down mystery ingredients for exotic sounding dishes. Even your ‘Sizzling Simplicity’ article used easy to find ingredients.”

“Basically, I’m looking for recipes and pictures that inspire me and break me out of the "same old dinner blues." Knowing that everything in the magazine is healthy food lets me relax and choose anything—that’s great.”

“I like to know the nutritional information for recipes, but I am interested in food because it is fun and good—not because if I eat two macadamia I get my selenium—how is that a way to live? And half a beer—I ask you? You can moderate yourself and others into boredom, you know.”

“Anybody can publish a recipe; what I enjoy most about EatingWell is the story that comes with it, and the synergy of information and recipes.”
“Please keep up the good work! Not only are the recipes superb, the photography is incredible -- one can almost smell/taste the food!”

“As a dietitian, I like the fact that many of your recipes are healthy and many are easy to prepare. I recommend this magazine to my patients who enjoy cooking.”

“Have made 2 slow-cooker recipes and found them excellent! Every working woman fantasizes about using a slow cooker but usually the results are very disappointing. The Pork Salsa stew [page 58] and chicken stew from the web are both great!”

“Essential Oils is an excellent,comprehensive article with practical, usable information. I'm happy to see Dr. Simopoulos’ work profiled. Loved the Corn, Arugula and Tomato Salad. I have marked multiple recipes to try. I recommend the magazine in my Nutrition and Fitness classes and to my friends and family.”

“Your recipes for tasteful healthy food beat anybody else hands-down. (I want food to taste like food, not guar gum!!)”

“Fabulous recipes and interesting information throughout. Thank you for staying current on nutrition, such as revised pyramid, and politics, such as the evolution of "organic" and increased regulation...”

“Everything looks delicious! I tried the peasant soup tonight and loved it! So hard to believe I made something that wonderful that quickly!É You have made watching what I eat a joy by doing more than cutting calories and fat but by concentrating on making the good-for-me taste GREAT! You've also opened my eyes to important issues in the food world that I would otherwise not be aware of. Thank you!”
“The shrimp dishes are wonderful. I teach Family and Consumer Science at a high school and we are working with our fish and shellfish unit right now. This issue has been fantastic to use. Great job with the recipes that are user friendly.”

“A friend gave me a copy of your magazine this weekend and I was floored—alternative ingredients, excellent recipes (already made the blueberry burgers and chocolate cake this weekend), incredible, high-quality photography, and captivating food-related articles. I have offered to give her twice what she paid for it since I cannot bear to part with it (it's already stained from splashes of this weekend's use!) and have ordered a subscription for both me and my sister off the internet.

“I've waited a long time for the common sense you bring. We have had too much of someone in a white coat or some pundit shaking their finger at us about whatever the current fad is. You present facts and give choices in a way that allows people to make intelligent decisions and not follow the latest trend.”

“It just goes to show that healthy food can be fresh, yummy and satisfying, instead of bland and blah. My husband was so excited when he found out I subscribed!”

“I start drooling just looking through each issue. So I don’t read it in public anymore.”

“I just painted my kitchen in yellows and wanted mango highlights. They turned out too pink, but now thanks to your wonderful pictures I can correct that and paint the mango highlights in depths of colors.”

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