What's your favorite topping for oatmeal? (Comments & Reviews)


Fruit yoghurt.


05/28/2013 - 12:39am

My usual topping for oatmeal and boxed cereal consists of 2 tablespoons each of chopped walnuts, chopped dates, chopped almonds, and wheat germ to which I add a small amount of honey (dates are sweet so it does not take much) and a splash of milk. Those toppings add to the fiber, protein and vitamins And, no, I do not eat that much; that is two meals. Sometimes I use herbs and spices to make oatmeal or omelets, etc. by smelling the likely choices and then using what appeals to me best at the time. Try adding so jam or compote just remember that you should not need as much or any sweetener. One of my favorites is apricot. Tomorrow I am going to try canned pineapple chunks in their own juice that have been slightly blended. I know that canned pineapple comes in pieces smaller pieces, but I find that those smaller pieces have more of the tougher parts of a pineapple in with them.


04/09/2012 - 11:12am

Just milk, and a little sugar.


04/07/2012 - 12:13am

Brown sugar and a bit of milk.


04/06/2012 - 8:35pm

I top my oatmeal with cottage cheese, cocoa powder and some splenda. Yummie


04/06/2012 - 6:52pm

A tablespoon of natural peanut butter.


04/06/2012 - 5:16pm

You need an "All of the above" to check and then and area to add more as well, your pole is way to limited.


04/06/2012 - 11:22am

I never ate oatmeal until I arrived in America. We ate porridge with fat-free milk, (we had our own dairy). Since I cannot find the makings for porridge I now enjoy oatmeal with milk.


04/06/2012 - 11:11am

I add a little bit of Smart Balance to my steel cut oats


04/06/2012 - 3:34am

Raisins and pecans


04/05/2012 - 2:56pm

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