We are incorporating fruit into our magazine column, "Vegetable Wise," so it needs a new name. What do you like? (Comments & Reviews)


I'm going with "Produce Department" because, while uninspiring, it's at least not misleading.

(What, you'll never call for frozen fruit or vegetables, or out-of-season produce, or items picked days or weeks ago?)


11/01/2010 - 5:41pm

"Just Picked" is cute, but does indicate the produce was harvested within minutes, or at most hours, of use. So, problematic.

Likewise, "Ripe Right Now" will never be accurate for everybody at the same time. And it's going to limit you, a lot. Are you really planning to never write about any fruit or veg not at peak season? But mostly, it's inappropriate because it sounds more like an ad for or wrapup of local farmstands. Not the concept.

You could simplify the concept, and just go with "Produce Wise," I suppose. Or "Fruit & Veg."


11/01/2010 - 5:39pm

How about, "Garden Fare", or, "Picked & Plucked".


11/01/2010 - 1:30pm

I noticed that "Just Picked" is currently leading in the votes. Unless you are picking the Fruits and Vegetables from a farm and then using them in your recipes, magazine, internet and videos, I do not think it would be the correct title to use. Any of the other titles would make more sense.

Thank you.


11/01/2010 - 12:29pm

Seeds n' Stems


11/01/2010 - 9:13am

"E. W.'s Roadside Stand-" Eating Well's Roadside Stand-kind of reminds me of the old roadside fruit & veggie stands years ago. A time where you really had no choice but to eat fresh foods.

If that doesn't work-Just Picked is pretty good but it makes me think of the orange juice commercial.


10/31/2010 - 8:27pm

How about "Fresh Picked"? It is similar to "just picked" but avoids the nose connotation.


10/31/2010 - 3:47pm

Vegetable Wise and Favored Fruits


10/30/2010 - 9:50pm

They are all good names hard to pick just one!!


10/30/2010 - 2:48pm

-Vegetable Wise. Tree Ripe Now.
-Vegetable Wise. Tree Ripened
-Vegetable Wise With Fruit on Top
-Vegetable Wise and Fruit Falling
-Vegetable Wise. Fruit Grows on Trees.
-Vegetable Wise. Fruit Facts.

Eating Well, fresh is best. Fruit grows on trees, yet it can't walk itself into a food pantry. Find a fruit tree. Harvest some for your local food bank, homeless shelter, soup kitchen. Eat local. Save a few for your own family. Eat Well. Make new friends. I've harvested over 1,000 fruit trees, over 100+ tons of fruits and farmers' market veggies to feed the poor. YOU CAN TOO. Join the fun. (This is not a sales ad. I'm a real person, with a big heart and a passion for fresh produce and helping our community.)
Anna Chan
Clayton, CA


10/30/2010 - 10:34am

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