How many calories do you eat in a day? (Comments & Reviews)


I have been on the eat 1500 calories per day/burn 3000 calories per day diet for 10 weeks. I work out 6 days a week, which I know can be tough but you just DO IT. I rest on Sunday's (like my Creator, heh. Anyway, the deficit has me losing about 3 lbs a week.

I eat a ton of protein which helps prevent muscle loss with such an extreme diet. I also weight train 2-3 times a week.

I have lost 35 lbs in 10 weeks and I'm just about done. At which point, I go back to maintaining. Eat = Burn. Looking forward to that!!!!!!!!

I use the calorie counter app on my phone to track Food and Exercise. I break a multivitamin into 2 pieces and take it twice a day. I also use a fat burner/thermogenic/stimulant called OEP. (google it for info).

Thanks for reading.

PS Drink tons of water!


03/15/2012 - 2:26pm

The people who complain about how hard it is to lose weight are the same ones who think a "brisk walk" is sufficient exercise. You are supposed to take those times with the trainer to learn how to do YOUR work out on the off time. Working out is a tolerance thing. You sound like you really can't tolerate much and are quick to use the "boohoo" excuse to gain attention. I lost 40 pounds in 60 months from eating right and being conscious of my rather sedentary nature. Walking everywhere, 10 minutes of cardio every hour, push ups every time you end up alone helps compliment the weightless with some toning. Now my weight is what I want it to be. Down to the pound I have full control of how much I weight based on how much I eat alone. The problem is in setting a routine. Once you have set a routine your workout is no longer the variable. The only remaining variable is FOOD. That feels so much better than not knowing what to do.


12/16/2011 - 3:48pm

I went to a special Weight loss clinic when I was 48 years old. I am physically fit and have always been active. I had gained 25 pounds slowly, over a 10 year period and wanted to take it off. The calorie intake was 1200 calories...exactly, and I never deviated from the diet at all. I walked briskly 30 mins a day and worked out with a trainer 3x a week. At the end of one month (one very expensive month), I had lost 5 1/2 pounds. There is nothing wrong with me, no pills, no meds, and no "conditions" to blame. I really am amazed that when I read these blogs there are people who think all you have to do is stop eating carbs and you'll lose 5 pounds a week. It's hard work, and harder for some of us than others. My friend has 2 poodles who are siblings. THey get the same monitored meals of kibble per day. ONe dog is normal, one is fatter. You can cry about being one of the unlucky ones, or just stop eating, don't compare yourself to others, and don't make food so important in your life....there are lots of other hobbies out there besides being a "foodie" and cooking and eating all the time. Why don't you take up a sport, or something physical? And just face the music.


11/23/2011 - 12:39pm

i love how many people eat under 1500 calories. i'm sorry, that's ridiculous. but i mean, i cant really judge. i eat 3000+ a day because im a swimmer, and i guess the idea of not is just completely alien to me


11/08/2010 - 7:35pm

I love how there are so many people who berate those who say they eat 1500 or less. I am 4 weeks into a calorie controlled diet, I have lost almost 8 pounds and never eat above 1400 calories a day, mostly around 1200. I do this so that I will have a large enough calorie deficit to lose 2 pounds a week.

Please dont judge people if you dont know their personal story. Just because you cant do it doesnt mean they cant.

Good luck everyone. Weight loss is a very personal thing whichever way you decide to do it!


08/10/2010 - 12:34pm

I yoyo dieted for years. I kept gaining as I got further from menopause. When my periods stopped so did my metabolism. I ate small amounts of carbs (chips, potatoes, pasta, ice cream) but the weight piled on. When I got near 170 (I am 5'3") I decided it was time to be aggressive. I stopped just "going" to the gym a couple days a week and working out on my own recognizance with weights and a little cardio. I joined a new gym and began 5 one hour classes each week. Some are at 6 am and those are my favorite. My exercise is done for the day and I haven't even awakened yet! I stopped eating bread, pasta, potatoes, corn, chips of any kind. I am a hungry person and I drink wine. I also eat dark chocolate-almost every night. I can do all that as long as the bulk of my diet is meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. I even eat some nuts in a day but not every day. I also might indulge with 100 calorie snack packs of pretty much anything-popcorn is preferred or the 100 cal cheese also works. Once in a blue moon I might eat a 100 calorie pack of cookies or chips just to prove I can. I have lost 40 pounds and keep it off. As a general rule I work out the 5 days a week. Once in a while I make 6 or 7 one hour classes and sometimes I can only go 3. I eat whenever I want fruit, vegetables, salad. I am completely off all blood pressure and high cholesterol meds. (Bloodwork proves that I am healthy) I eat late at night sometimes but never indulge in chips, ice cream, potatoes, corn or pasta. Never eating that but eating lots of everything else. I would say I am probably eating about 1500 calories a day but when you eat is irrelevant. Eat when you are hungry-just eat the proper stuff.


07/21/2010 - 2:45pm

I was told to keep it at 1200 calories per day but to include in that 2 snacks. So they want me to eat 3 meals and then 2 healthy snacks. They say this will keep metabolism up and help me to burn fat and lose my stomach fat. It is so hard to keep it at 1200 calories and I am NOT a big eater. to have less than 400 calories per meal is like crazy. My meager breakfast is like 340 calories (that is with 2 slices of Ezekiel bread, 1 tsp of butter on each slice, a cup of coffee with sugar free creamer) I can't imagine what I would look like if I ate a real breakfast like some people eat. But they do say breakfast is your most important meal of the day. I am trying to not eat (snack) after my last meal which I try to eat before 7:00. I hate not being able to eat what I would like and still maintain weight. I am 5'1" 120# and would like to be 110 again!


06/26/2010 - 4:32pm

Its really hard for me to count calories from all the foods i eat.,im sure its alot each day.


06/25/2010 - 1:28am

okay well I want to know how many calarioes I actually should eat


06/17/2010 - 8:59pm

I eat a combination of fat, Carbohydrates and Protein - although i must admit i consume large amounts of chocolate and sugar.
I am 20 years old, slim and live a completely sedentary lifestyle as i am a full time law student.
Currently maintaining on 2000 calories a day. 5'6 and 110 pounds. Looking to gain some weight actually.


05/15/2010 - 10:34pm

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