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holidays is the only time when you get a big family together. Lots and lots of different kinds of vegetables are cooked, something you wouldn't make just for one person like me. Squash, turnip, broccoli, all different kinds. I always fill my whole plate with just vegetables. I hate potatoes. Don't have enough room after vegetables for turkey, ham or desserts. I actually eat the most healthy on holidays


07/21/2010 - 12:09pm

For 40+ years I have been cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for my family.I've always cooked about a 10 course dinner. The last 5 years I have secretly reduced the calories in everything I cook.I say secretly because I have not told my family how I've cut calories and they have not noticed. I don't put butter on my turkey. I buy one with no added anything, I don't put butter in my dressing anymore. I use fat free chicken broth. I add fat free evaporated milk and just a tad of butter in my mashed potatos. I only use a little brown sugar and a tad of butter in my yams. I serve two plain vegetables and we put vinegar on them.Green salad with lots of veges is always safe. I serve fat free dressing or balsamic vinegar; I use very little butter in my biscuits. When I make Pumpkin Pie I use the fat free evaporated milk and I've even replaced the regular sugar with a sweetner. I now have diabetics in my family. I make a pumpkin roll and stuff it with fat free cream cheese and finely chopped almonds. I have yet to have a complaint and I give my family the leftovers to take home which they enjoy.I might have to divulge my secrets this year since my son is going to cook thanksgiving dinner and has asked me to stand by with him support.
Thank You, Joann Haynes


07/15/2010 - 7:34pm

Keep portions small and that way you can try a little bit of everything without missing out and something scrumptious. It is a holiday so enjoy the festivities moderatly and you will still have fun and no guilt attached!!!


07/14/2010 - 5:16pm

do right eat good health.


07/14/2010 - 3:29pm

Its the holidays! These are the times when we spend more time with our loved ones - or at least try to.
Luckily the people around me have small appetites. Usually we order a minimal amount of food, like 2 meals for 3 persons, and add on a side dish or two. A good tactic not to overeat is to decide at the beginning to only order more after we finished our main dishes.


07/08/2010 - 6:43am

Everything in moderation!
I agree that after cooking a big dinner, I don't feel like eating. Our family has replaced the formal, sit-down with a lighter buffet style holiday meal.


07/03/2010 - 3:31pm

I would normally eat whatever I wanted and as much of it as I wanted, but am learning that I can get the same (well almost the same) satisfaction by having a little portion of the fobidden food. In doing this I will hopefully eat less calories and fat. And I also try and fill up on the good stuff like veggies and fruit, and stay away from drinking too many calorie rich drinks.


07/02/2010 - 10:14pm

I eat a little of everything, but I have modified almost all my favorite recipes so they are healthier. After the holiday, I go back to journaling what I eat and exercise a
Ittle more.


07/01/2010 - 7:38pm

I have very bad eating habits and I know it. I am not hungry in the morning or the afternoon, in fact I really don't feel like eating until the evening. I know that is wrong I just can't help it, and yes I am over weight. sometimes I may have coffee or a bottle of water, and I have to force that so the holidays are no different.


07/01/2010 - 2:33pm

What the heck is a bug holiday dinner?


06/30/2010 - 5:45pm

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