Have you successfully lost weight? What was your secret? (Comments & Reviews)


I started keeping track on my intake. Calories, protein, fat, carbs, etc. Found an app that would help me do this. I never realized how much I was eating until it was shown to me by my own input.
Too much of everything. I started by limiting my input and increasing my output.
Protein was the first thing I would eat on my plate, then a green vegetable and dairy.

Gave up soda and yes even diet soda (Coke Zero) and changed to water. Weight started to come off

If you find an app that works for you and make yourself count those calories, you will be surprised how easy it is. But you have to force yourself to not cheat.

Give your self a treat. I could have 2 slices of Pizza once a week.


09/15/2016 - 7:35am

I've always had healthy eating habits but sitting on my butt 40 years as a bookkeeper, the pounds just kept creeping on. When I retired I started exercising: alternating 3 days a week on a Bowflex for strength training for 1 hr a day, working a different muscle group each day (chest & arms/upper back & shoulders/lower back & legs) and 3 days of walking on a treadmill at varying speeds and incline throughout for 30-45 minutes. In the summer months I swapped out the treadmill for the swimming pool doing steady (but slow) laps for at least 30 minutes. I also logged all my meals and exercise on MyFitnessPal which kept me on track. At the end of 16 months I had lost 48 pounds. I had tried just the treadmill 5 days a week but got nowhere; without the strength training I didn't lose and ounce. I'm 63 yrs old and in better shape than when I was 40.


12/14/2015 - 4:53pm

The only time I have been able to successfully lose weight and keep it off was by cutting my fat consumption per meal. I keep the total fat content per serving as low as I can and watch the trans fat portion of this is below 8 grams per serving. Also, I try to restrict my fat intake to less than 15% at each meal. This cuts out having to measure and all the crap that goes with that. Along with this dietary change, I simply walked as often as I could. This worked because I lost 80 pounds without guilt nor feeling deprived since I still had what I wanted, just less of it when that something was high in fat.


03/22/2012 - 1:42pm

AFTER a baby, big separation, moved twice, two years later i found myself at 220 lbs. i did lots of research amd went by this simple chart everyday. brought a small pocket notebook to carry with me and i monitor my water intake: 4 MIN-8 MAX VEGGIE INTAKE SOMETYPE PF VEGGIE DAILY OR D\SALAD WITH SPINACH.EXERCISE OUTPUT( NEVER STEP FOOT IN GYM. I DO JUMPING JACKS RUN IN PLACE GO UP AND DOWN STAIRS FOR 30 MIN 4 TIMES A WEEK AND LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT IS CALORIE INTAKE>. this m,akes all the difference. 1500 cal daily u have to cut down in oreder to lose simple as that but your body will get use to it than it wont bother you anymore> i started sept 2011 its nov and i weight 194lbs its coming off fast and im very proud that i will get back down to 140 before my bday next may. DNT GIVE UP DNT LOOK AT IT AS BEING PREFECT IF U MESS UP AND EAT A CANDY BAR, JUST WORKOUT FOR 10 MORE MINS HIGH INTESITY AND CHOOSE BETTER EATING HABITS FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. PRACTICE MAKES PREFECT


11/17/2011 - 10:04am

exercise AND Calorie counting using


12/02/2010 - 8:52am

April 30, 2010 - decided I could not continue eating the way I was, blood sugar 289, hgbA1c 10.8, cholesterol high 300's, triglycerides high 400's. Today, November 18, 2010 - blood sugar normal, hgbA1c normal, cholesterol 150, trig 130s. I lost 45 pounds. Basically I age 1/2 bagel with coffee for breakfast, the other half for lunch, a healthy dinner, fish, low fat steak, chicken about 4 ounces, vegetables, snacks - plum or grapes. Evening snack 2 sugar free cookies - oatmeal or shortbread, 1 cup of cinnamon tea. I went from a size 14 to a size 4 and sometimes size 2 in jeans, slacks, skirts.
Coat XL and Large to XS to S. No Weight Watchers, No prepared meal diets, just common sense, cut down calories, cut down fat, sugar and carbs. I used to eat potato chips and dip instead of healthy food, doughnuts, pies, cake, whatever I felt like eating.


11/18/2010 - 12:06am

Having spent years on this or that diet, I eventually got Diabetes and so was forced to change my life style and diet. Firstly I got the help of a Dietician. This was a great help. But soon I realized that all food is good but you must eat and drink in moderation. 3 years ago I commenced my 'healthy eating plan' and I have lost 4 1/2 stone in weight and I can honestly say that I have never been hungry. If I fancy something that I know in my mind I dont need, I ask my tummy does it need any more food at this point. The answer is usually a resounding 'no' !! Sometimes, I just go ahead and eat a small amount of the 'forbidden fruits'!!

Dont think me a goodie - goodie! I always keep a bar of chocolate in my fridge and on a bad day(one where everything is going wrong), I will break off 2 squares and make a lovely cup of tea and sit and savour it! This is my fix!. On a really bad day, I might take 4 squares!!!

Exercise is very important both physically and spiritually. I attend an exercise class once or twice a week. This is not a silly, mad, jumping around class. It is a gently stretching and bending class which helps to keep one supple. I also walk my beautiful dog Amber, every day for at least 45minutes.

I am three sizes smaller than I was and have great fun purchasing clothes which give me plenty of confidence in myself. I feel well all the time now and look forward to each day and what it holds in store for me and I hope to do so for many years to come.

Thanks for all the lovely recipes.
Arlene McAllister, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland



10/02/2010 - 11:10am

I have lost 40 pounds by eating more salads and fruit, and snacking on healthy popcorn, grapes, and pretzels. My goal is to lose 20 more pounds, and then keep it off by continuing to eat healthy. This is my new lifestyle, not a diet!


09/29/2010 - 1:33pm

I did the HCG Diet for 1 month, lost 30 pounds. I am adding lots of foods back to my daily diet except sugars and starches. Including lots of cheeses, whipping cream, chocolate, coconut oil and almond flour and am doing great. Making a life change in eating to not gain back. Working good for me. Reading all the healthy articles I can find


09/29/2010 - 11:39am

The key for keeping weight off for me is a variety of healthy meals with great flavor. I try to plan ahead and cook several meals at once and then rotate them through the fridge and freezer. That way I'm only minutes away (via the microwave) from a healthy meal. Having a variety of flavors and choices helps me from getting bored with my food.


09/29/2010 - 11:27am

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