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Find out what EatingWell staff feed their pets. For more on pet food safety and quality, read EatingWell's interview with Marion Nestle, author of Pet Food Politics (University of California Press, September 2008) and What Pets Eat (Harcourt, 2009).


Nicci Micco, Editor-at-Large
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 5 years
Pet food: I eat a heaping cup of Innova (in the emerald green bag) twice a day.
Other favorite foods: I love ALL foods but my Mom and Dad don’t really let me eat “people” foods except for peanut butter, raw carrots and occasionally small pieces of cheese. I used to get raw broccoli too, but Mom and Dad said that they couldn’t deal with the “aftermath” of my digestion. On my birthday (and when Dad is feeling nice), I get a small vanilla cremee in a cup. I forage often; on walks, I browse recycling bins (before I get pulled away).


Diane de Spirlet, Advertising Director
Breed: Sheltie/shepherd mix
Age: 2-and-a-half years
Pet food: I eat Blue Buffalo and Beneful. I eat about 1 cup twice a day.
Other Favorite Foods: I also like to eat noodles and French fries.
Best trick: My best trick is to put on big puppy dog eyes and beg.


Diane de Spirlet, Advertising Director
Breed: Chow and black lab mix
Age: 2 years
Pet food: Like my brother Paco, I eat Blue Buffalo and Beneful. I eat about 1 cup twice a day.
Other favorite foods: I love pizza!
Do you exercise? I exercise everyday by chasing Paco.
Favorite Toy: Paco’s hind leg


Jennifer Brown, Production Manager
Breed: Golden retriever
Age: 6 years
Pet food: I get 1 cup of Nutro Lamb & Rice dry dog food twice a day.
Other interesting skills: If there’s anything that stinks, I’ll find it and apply it as my latest cologne.


Jennifer Brown, Production Manager
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 9 years
Pet food: I get 1 cup of Nutro Lamb & Rice dry dog food twice a day.
Other favorite foods: I love carrot sticks, fruit, tomatoes, olives, and anything else my parents happen to be eating.
Current bad habits: Barking incessantly at the wind.
Best trick: I can eat around the pits in olives.

Au Lait and Suki

Penelope Wall, Web Producer/Writer
Breed: Mixed domestic cats
Age: 3 years and 1 year
Pet Food: We each get 1/4 cup twice a day of ProSeries – a fancy holistic brand that our mom gets from Canada through a secret connection!
Other favorite foods: We go crazy for catnip and Kitty Caviar, which is dried bonito flakes—pure protein deliciousness!
Favorite Toys: Empty cardboard boxes and paper bags.


Hilary Meyer, Assistant Editor
Breed: Shepherd Sheltie Mix
Age: 5 months
Pet food: I eat Innova dry kibble 2 times a day. I get 2 cups of food, plus plenty of treats if I behave.
Other favorite foods: I love kitty litter, but my mom thinks that’s gross! I really love freeze dried liver and just about anything else that can fit in my mouth.
Bad habits: I’m still a puppy so all my habits are bad! I like to chew everything! Sometimes, I run away from my mother when she lets me out in the morning to go pee. I like to chase rabbits and ignore her desperate cries for my return.


Stacy Fraser, Test Kitchen Manager
Breed: BBVD (Basic Black Vermont Dog, with some lab and shepherd lineage)
Age: 9, 10, or 11 years old (depending on how old I was when my owners found me
Pet food: In the morning I eat a small serving of lightly-cooked ground beef and vegetables (I’m a fan of carrots, spinach & broccoli). For my evening meal, I get a dinner-size serving of Orijen kibble (high-protein, low-carb & grain-free).
Other favorite foods: I enjoy any stray piece of food that falls from the plate of the toddler that lives in our house.
Best trick: I can balance a dog treat on my nose, flip it into the air and catch it in my mouth.


Terry Lysogorski, Office Manager
Breed: Domestic cat
Age: 12 years
Pet food: I get Hill’s TD dry food in my dish, and my owner puts out a can of Fancy Feast in the morning and evening for me to share with Sprinkles.
Other favorite foods: I go wild over fresh picked grass – the long blade kind, thank you, not the lawn variety.
Favorite activity: I love sitting in open windows and watching the chipmunks.


Terry Lysogorski, Office Manager
Breed: Domestic cat
Age: 4 years
Pet food: I get Hill’s TD dry food in my dish, and my owner puts out a can of Fancy Feast in the morning and evening for me to share with Lily.
Do you exercise? I run down the stairs when my food dish is filled.
Favorite activity: I love walking to the garden with my owner and finding fresh grass to eat.


Brierley Wright, Nutrition Editor
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Age: 16 months
Pet food: I eat Canidae. How much, you ask? Not enough! I get 1 cup, twice a day, with a spoonful of Stonyfield Plain Low-fat Yogurt.
Best trick: I’m a good kisser.
Current bad habits: Sleeping in my owners’ bed…all day.


Carolyn Malcoun, Contributing Editor, Food
Breed: Just like a true American, a total mutt: German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Australian Cattle Dog, Lab, Husky mix. But the people I live with say my O.C.D. behavior with fetching is 100 percent Australian Cattle Dog.
Age: 3 years
Pet food: Those aforementioned people give me about 1 cup of Evo plus some cooked protein (my favorite days are when I get canned salmon) twice a day. They also feed me nasty Metamucil and a probiotic because I have some digestive issues.
Do you exercise? I get at least a long walk at the park daily. Those people I live with started training for a half marathon so they’re making me run with them. Not sure what I think about that. I get to play Frisbee or fetch usually every day but not nearly enough.

Tricky Woo

Jessie Price, Deputy Editor: Food
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Age: 2 years
Pet food: I really don’t like to eat dog food. Sometimes when I’m lucky I get a little cheese, a piece of rib-eye or a tiny bit of natural-casing hotdogs—I love all of that. When I went to obedience school I got special Harrington’s ham as a bribe, but I’m too smart to fall for that kind of stuff. My parents put out a mix of hard and soft food for my regular meals, and I usually just ignore it. I like to check out what my parents ate for dinner by sniffing and licking at their plates. I get really excited about that, but usually I just don’t like their food…except yogurt. I love yogurt!
Current bad habits: My mule act (that’s where I sit down and stick my legs out straight to stop my Mom from running along with me on the leash) isn’t that cool with the humans.
Best trick: I just barely passed beginner obedience…I’m not a show pony, you know!


Laura Carlsmith, Director of Web Marketing
Breed: Large, orange and striped.
Age: 16 years
Pet food: I eat 1/2 cup of "Wellness” dry food mixed with 2 tablespoons of "Wellness" canned food. For variety sometimes I get specialized Purina One dry food (Urinary tract or Anti-Hairball with Yogurt). I eat only twice a day, unless I can fool a second human, by cleaning my bowl and looking starved, into feeding me a second time.
Other favorite foods: I also like meat scraps like cooked chicken and turkey or canned tuna, but I hate lobster. I like fresh mice, baby rabbits and flying squirrels. I don't care for birds (with all those feathers) or frogs (too slimy).
Skills: I can purr for half an hour nonstop.

Madison (a.k.a. Maddie)

Michelle Edelbaum, Associate Editor, Interactive
Breed: I am a really cute mix of something white with brown and black spots.
Age: 7 years
Pet food: I love my California Natural Lamb & Rice. I get so excited to eat that my mom and dad have to put a toy in my food to slow me down. Otherwise, my ribs bulge out to the side and I snort because I forget to breathe and just inhale.
Favorite thing about coming to work: I like to sit by the door of Michelle’s office to get treats and petting from people who walk down the hallway.
Skills: I like to talk and look really happy, sad or pathetic to get things I want.

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