The No-Diet Diet

By Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., "The Eat-What-You-Love Diet," May/June 2012

No gimmicks, no pills. One expert explains how to eat what you love and lose weight without dieting.

Intuitive eating includes this idea of “unconditional permission to eat,” meaning no food is taboo. But will this lead people to eat too many “forbidden” foods?

I hear this a lot. When you remove the guilt from eating certain foods and know that you can have it again another time, you get to ask yourself, “How does the food taste? Am I satisfied? Do I like how I feel physically?” I had a patient who was addicted to French fries, and what she discovered by giving herself permission to eat them was “while I do love French fries, I’m no longer willing to have them when they’re cold and limp” and she ended up having them less and less ­often and only when they were perfect. Even if someone’s been eating this food for a long time, when they give themselves permission it’s often the first time they’re truly tasting it.

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