The Google Diet: How to Use Google's Cafeteria Tricks to Lose Weight (Page 6)

5. Hide the Sweets

At Google, sweets aren’t taboo but they are harder to find in the cafeteria. Not a bad move considering one study—also led by Wansink—found people wolf down more than twice as many chocolates when they’re right in front of them compared to when they’re farther away (6 feet) and covered. Candy, once housed in clear dispensers at eye level, used to be a serious temptation. Not anymore. Now it’s tucked away in opaque containers, on a lowly bottom shelf, an about-face that cut candy consumption by 9 percent in one week.

Do It at Home: Stash snacks like chips, cookies or cereal in a cabinet. People who do this tend to weigh 15 to 20 pounds less than people who store snacks on their kitchen counters, says Just.

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