Super Shopping Tips for When You’re Counting Calories

By Dr. Jean Harvey-Berino, Ph.D., R.D., Joyce Hendley, EatingWell Editors, "Aisle by Aisle: A Supermarket Buying Guide," The EatingWell Diet (2007)

How to stay on course in the 6 major aisles of the supermarket.

6. Bakery

Since sandwich bread is a staple, be choosy: you’ll want one that gives you plenty of whole grains in a tasty package. Look for breads, English muffins, bagels and rolls labeled “100 percent whole-wheat,” with at least 3 grams of fiber apiece (the first ingredient in the list should begin with the word “whole”). Try “lunch”-size rolls for burgers and sandwiches; you’ll get a more reasonable portion. Store bread in the freezer to keep it fresher longer; just thaw on the counter as needed. Whole-wheat versions of pita and flour tortillas can usually be found here, too, along with corn tortillas; keep them to a 7-inch diameter or less.

Among the cookies and cakes, best choices for a splurge are those in bite-size portions, such as brownie bites, mini muffins or flavored meringues. Be wary of “fat-free” bakery treats, which often have as many or even more calories than their “regular” counterparts. Don’t waste your calories on anything that doesn’t taste fabulous.

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