Look back in your food diaries and activity logs, and you’ll see that you’ve accomplished a major turn-around in your thinking and your actions. As your journey continues, you’ll keep revising and changing your goals. You can also use EatingWell’s diet recipes and menus for a fresh start anytime, or whenever you need inspiration.

Finally, it will pay to remember that weight loss is not the ultimate goal of all you have done and are committed to doing.
Losing pounds, for the many, many thousands who have done it before you, is the door opener to a new life—one with more energy, more vitality and more self-confidence. It is often a precursor to healthier relationships with family, friends and significant others. It can be the key to being able to do new and exciting things—professionally and personally—that you previously avoided.

Getting rid of excess weight is much more than leaving behind physical mass—it lightens your whole emotional load in ways that you may not even have envisioned. The behavioral tools and new habits you’ve developed will serve to not just keep the scales under control, but also as instruments for helping tune a more harmonious way of life for many years to come. Losing weight is not, of course, a panacea, but for many people, the ongoing sense of empowerment at using their own wits and willpower to look and feel better becomes a cornerstone of their lives.

Here’s to your success, now and always!

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