7 Ways to Size Down Your Portions

By Dr. Jean Harvey, Ph.D., R.D., Joyce Hendley, M.S., EatingWell Editors, "Portions Visualized," The EatingWell Diet (2007)

Don’t let supersized portions sabotage your healthy eating.

Cook foods in pre-portioned sizes. Divide casseroles into ramekins, bake mini cupcakes rather than cakes and make meatloaf in muffin cups to keep an eye on portions before you’re tempted by the entire spread.

Measure with your eyes. Use the list below to help you visualize the correct portion sizes of the foods you eat most often. Make an effort to measure out portions you serve yourself and you’ll soon be able to “eyeball” them accurately.

1 teaspoon = About the size of your fingertip
1 tablespoon = About the size of your thumb tip
1 cup (e.g., cereal, rice) = About the size of a small fist
1 ounce nuts (or other snack food) = Fits into the cupped palm of a small hand
1 single-serving bagel = A hockey puck
1 ounce cheese = About the size of 1 domino
3 ounces meat = About the size of a deck of cards
1 medium potato = About the size of a computer mouse

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