Essential core principles of the EatingWell Diet

"I lost over 30 lbs in high school, and have kept it off (with minor fluctations) ever since (it's been over 10 years now). I think the most important thing to remember is that if you want to look different, you really do have to...

I need advice on how can I keep eating healthy. I'm getting tired of eating healthy and going to the gym. Please give advice on key to exercising and eating healthy.

Janet, Middle Village, NY

08/31/2009 - 5:02pm

I reached that same slump and I stopped going to the gym, and I am having trouble sticking to healthy eating, mostly at night and on weekends. Losing weight and exercising is hard and remember why you want to lose weight and get healthy. Resolve to do it for you. And I will too. Good Luck.

Joanne, Middletown, PA

08/31/2009 - 5:02pm

I lost 60 lbs a coupe of years ago. I did keep it off for a year then I got the eating bug and gained 15 lbs. I am back to Weight Watchers. I decided it is a perpetual battle and will have to fight it the rest of my life!!!! But there is nothing like losing weight and having people notice. What a high that is!!!!

Aggie, Fairport, NY

08/31/2009 - 5:04pm

I have been fighting the bulge all my life and in the past few years have learned how to maintain but I have a lot of trouble loosing weight. I am determined to get it off once and for all. I need to loose 80 pounds to get to my ideal weight of 140. Wish me luck!

Sheri, Prattville, AL

08/31/2009 - 5:08pm

Those are good steps, but i would add one--actually it might not come at the end--which is to make changes in small ways. I highly recommend a book by a friend, Bob Maurer: One Small Step can Change your Life. Small changes are much easier to make and stick with, and with diet and lifestyle changes, sticking is usually the problem. Thanks!

Michael Sieverts

08/31/2009 - 6:39pm

I has my second child 3 months ago. Have 30 lbs to to hopefully get rid of.


08/31/2009 - 6:40pm

I had my 2nd child 4 months ago & have 40 lbs to lose. It's harder than it was 7 years ago & very frustrating. seems to be helping some. Good luck!


08/31/2009 - 6:40pm

I have Fibromyalgia so exercising is difficult... I am wanting to lose 40lbs or thereabouts... I'm only 5ft and weigh 179lbs although I have managed to lose 10lbs since starting a medication for Fibro. Around 130lbs is a comfortable weight for me and I will do it... I cut out all my comfort eating which I did when I was in pain... you know, potato chips, fries, bacon sandwiches, chocolate... all the nice comforting stuff... I actually have potato chips in the house and don't want them now... :D


08/31/2009 - 6:41pm

I am over overweight by 100 lbs and really need help to changing my mind about the way I eat. I am 5ft 4in. and weight over 250 and am also 62 yrs. old. I have Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis that makes exercising really hard for me. Have a hard time about how many grams of carbs in my food. HELP!


08/31/2009 - 6:41pm

I have retired 2002 and gained 55 lbs. Love sweets and do yard work and gymn 3 days a weeks, but not loosing any wight. I am 69 and need to loose all this additional weight I gained since I retired.

Barbara Jones

08/31/2009 - 6:42pm

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