Cleanses & Detox Diets—Are They Safe?

Are cleanses and detox diets really a good idea?

My friends and family often use me as a sounding board for their own personal diet questions—this is what happens when you’re a Registered Dietitian. One question that seems to come up often is some variation of, "Should I go on a cleanse or try a detox diet?" Whether they want to lose weight or they think it’s a way to detox their body, plenty of people look to cleanses as magical cure-alls. But are cleanses and detoxes as healthy as they’re hyped up to be? Here are some reasons you might want to rethink starting a detox diet, plus a healthy plan to clean up your diet. Download a FREE Cookbook of Clean-Eating Recipes for Weeknights & Shopping List!

Pictured Recipe: Good Green Tea Smoothie

—Lisa D’Agrosa, M.S., R.D.

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