Walking the Talk

By Allison J. Cleary

If James Levine has his way, your next desk could be a treadmill.

Q: Any concerns about future generations?

It’s more than hard to stay healthy in our environment. It’s pretty close to impossible. Sixty percent of us are overweight, and we’re not even warmed up yet, because the kids coming behind this generation are heavier than we were as kids.

It is really necessary that we think completely differently about how we work, go to school and about how we spend our time at home. I am absolutely convinced that it is possible to do this. It has to happen—if it doesn’t the consequences are catastrophic.

Q: At the end of the day, what do you hope to have contributed to public health?

An active, happy world. People think I’m about activity, health, controlling health-care costs and so on. But to me the real excitement is that this is a path for happiness. People who are active are happy, and that to me is the real sell.

Sources: Treadmills
For a quiet, reliable treadmill suited to office walking, Dr. Levine recommends a Pacemaster Bronze (very quiet) or True Classic:

Standup Desks
A number of companies make desks that can be adapted to use with a treadmill:

Further Information Details about the Mayo Clinic’s Office of the Future, including images of their own facility.

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