Regular Soda or Diet Soda: Which is Worse For Your Health?

While I don’t go around telling people soda is “bad," I don’t think it’s good: it’s full of sugars or sugar substitutes; some kinds of soda, namely colas, contain phosphoric acid, which, according to some studies, may harm bones. That said, I don’t always avoid soda: now and then, I’ll order one to have with a burger or with popcorn at the movies. I usually order a Diet Coke. Why? For years, I drank tons of diet soda—and that’s what my taste buds grew to like. Seltzer is a great healthy alternative to soda. But when it comes to diet soda versus regular soda, what’s really the better choice? I decided to weigh the pros and cons of each.

—Nicci Micco, Editor-at-Large for EatingWell Magazine

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