5 Simple Ways to Stay Slim

By Rachel Johnson, Ph.D, M.P.H., R.D., "Five Small Steps," April/May 2006

Daily decisions that make healthy changes stick.

"We count our calories, we count our fitness minutes, why not the numbers on the scale? We have to be accountable for maintaining our weight...there's no feeling sad about 8 pound weight gain from not looking at the scale for 10...

3. Don’t waste calories on bad food

Think about what you are eating. I was on an early-morning flight to Chicago not long ago and was served a croissant breakfast sandwich. Knowing it was loaded with calories, my first thought was to just eat half. I took a bite. The croissant was greasy and tough, the egg was tasteless and the ham was still frozen. Yuck. I decided to eat the honeydew and cantaloupe and skip the sandwich. I saved the tasteless calories for something more enjoyable later. Turned out that night I had a fabulous meal in a great restaurant and knew I could indulge a bit because of the choice I made earlier in the day.

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