5 Simple Ways to Stay Slim

By Rachel Johnson, Ph.D, M.P.H., R.D., "Five Small Steps," April/May 2006

Daily decisions that make healthy changes stick.

"We count our calories, we count our fitness minutes, why not the numbers on the scale? We have to be accountable for maintaining our weight...there's no feeling sad about 8 pound weight gain from not looking at the scale for 10...

1. Keep your scale and weigh yourself often

Research shows that people who weigh themselves regularly are more likely to be at a healthy weight. I weigh myself just about every morning. I try to use the scale at the same time every day for consistency (and besides, I weigh less in the morning). I know if I weigh myself often I can get on top of a two- or three-pound weight gain. But if three pounds turns into five or more, it becomes overwhelming. By the way, according to obesity experts, daily weighing does not promote eating disorders. Yes, people with anorexia weigh themselves obsessively—but the disease came first, not the weighing.

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