A Delicious Way to Diet

By Nicci Micco, January/February 2009

Learn how nine readers lost weight on the EatingWell Diet and how you can too.

"Sounds good hope it works for diabetics "

Step #7: Get a Life (Plan)!

Weight management is a lifelong journey, not something you do for a few months and then move on. And if anyone knows this, it’s Bryan West, 40, who owns a food-service management company in Columbus, Ohio. “Every day is difficult for me—truly,” says Bryan. “I work in the food industry so there are options—distractions—around me all the time. Additionally, I have a very active social schedule. Food is always at the center of these events.” About five years ago, Bryan’s weight hit 245 pounds. It was a real wake-up call, says Bryan, and since then he’s been steadily working toward a healthy weight. But after losing 35 pounds, he hit a plateau at 210 last summer and wanted to re-energize his efforts. So he decided to try the EatingWell Diet. He lost six pounds and dropped a pants size, despite a hectic work schedule that included travel nearly every week.

His ultimate goal is to get down to about 180 pounds. “I actually find it hard to believe that my final weight goal is in reach,” he says. But Bryan knows that to achieve this—and even to keep the weight he’s lost from creeping back—he’ll need to remain vigilant. To that end, he’s outlined a plan, which includes tracking calories daily, scheduling exercise into his calendar at the start of each week and revisiting his goals each month. He’ll also rely on some of the specific strategies that have helped him in the past with his biggest challenge, eating out. In his own words:

• “I will take more time reading the menu and consider combinations like a side salad plus an appetizer instead of a full meal.”
• “I will ask how dishes are prepared. I’ve been surprised several times by fried items on salads.”
• “I will ask for salad dressings to be served on the side.”
• “I will end my meals with a cup of fresh coffee while others are enjoying dessert. I don’t drink much coffee so I enjoy a good cup—especially in nice restaurants.”

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