A Delicious Way to Diet

By Nicci Micco, January/February 2009

Learn how nine readers lost weight on the EatingWell Diet and how you can too.

"Sounds good hope it works for diabetics "

Step #4: Be Aware

Write down not only what you eat but where, how and with whom. “Journaling” this information can help you identify situations and foods that trigger you to overeat. “Once I looked at my journal and saw where the problems were, they were much easier to fix,” says Rebecca Oechsner, 34. Rebecca realized that she had a habit of munching on cookies and potato chips late at night, after her 4-year-old daughter went to bed. Since Rebecca tended to unwind at the end of the day with a snack, she learned to keep healthier ones—such as popcorn—at the ready and to budget for those calories so she could enjoy a late-night snack and still meet her daily calorie goal. Rebecca also noticed that her usual coffee drink contained 240 calories, and this inspired her to switch to a (smaller) “skinny” latte, which satisfied her craving at about half the calories.

On a positive note, when Rebecca reviewed her journals, she saw that making truly satisfying low-calorie meals helped her reach her goals without feeling deprived.

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