A Delicious Way to Diet

By Nicci Micco, January/February 2009

Learn how nine readers lost weight on the EatingWell Diet and how you can too.

"Sounds good hope it works for diabetics "

Step #1: Be Ready

Most diet plans encourage you to start yesterday—or at least right this very minute. Never mind that your company is going through layoffs and right now, quite honestly, may not be the best time to overhaul your lifestyle. But you heed their calls and you begin. Then Again. In contrast, the very first step of the EatingWell Diet is deciding whether you’re actually ready to make a lifelong commitment to eating better and exercising regularly.

One year ago would not have been a good time for Marie Morrissey, 44, to start a diet. The Houston mother of two was entrenched in law school and her days were a blur of classes, mock trials and caring for her family. Marie knew she needed to lose weight but she also knew that she couldn’t commit to making meaningful changes until her life became less busy. Serendipitously, just as she was wrapping up her degree last July, we announced our Diet Challenge. “The timing was perfect,” says Morrissey. “Having just graduated law school, I felt I owed it to myself and my kids to find a sensible way to live.”

When she weighed in the first week of the diet, Marie, who is 5'5", registered 170 pounds—which was both sobering and motivating. “The number on the scale depressed me at first. I haven’t had this much weight to lose since right after I delivered my kids,” she told us. “But the only thing I can do is to work on it.”

And that she did. Because the timing was right, Marie was able to commit fully and lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks. She still has eight pounds to lose to bring her body mass index, or BMI (an estimate of a person’s body composition calculated from height and weight) into the “healthy” range—but having resolved to continue her new healthy habits, she is confident that she’ll reach her ultimate goal in the next few months. “I have given up too many times in the past,” Marie says. “I promised myself that I would take this journey one last time. It may take me longer than 12 weeks but I know this will be the last time I lose the same 20 pounds.”

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