7 Steps to a New You

By Joyce Hendley, M.S., March/April 2007

How one couple lost more than 100 pounds between them and how you can too.

Step 6: Get Support

The Blittersdorfs know they are lucky. All along their journey to losing weight, they’ve had the support and encouragement of their families, friends and work colleagues (including John Miller—himself an encouraging reminder of the program’s success). But most of all, they had each other.

“It was so much easier doing this together,” says Jan. “We’d help each other write something down if one saw the other forgetting.” Each was the other’s empathetic cheerleader. “Because the weight loss was so gradual, nobody really noticed for the first four months or so,” said David. “It really helped to have someone else going through the same experience.”

Of course, not everyone is able to forge such a successful weight-loss partnership. With some relationships, in fact, the opposite occurs when one partner manages, unintentionally or otherwise, to derail the other’s efforts to lose weight. (That would be the “friend” who groans when someone orders a skim cappuccino instead of dessert, or the spouse who buys his partner’s favorite brand of super-premium ice cream.) The EatingWell Diet includes strategies for identifying sources of support as well as handling those so-called “saboteurs.”

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