6 Easy Steps to Lose 10 Pounds Healthfully (Page 5)

Keep an Eye on Size

Pictured Tool: Slimware melamine dinnerware

Task #4: Keep an Eye on Size

In the world of football-sized burritos and snack packs that serve six, you constantly need to ask yourself: Is that portion actually one serving?

Tried-and-True: Follow a recipe and divvy it up among the number of plates it says it serves. If you’re making a simple meal—lean meat, side of whole grains and some vegetables—you can use the “divided plate” rule of thumb to help you eat in the right proportions. Divide your plate into three sections: make half of it vegetables, one quarter a whole-grain, such as brown rice, and the other quarter a lean protein, such as chicken, fish or tofu.

New tools: Plates that “tell” you how much to eat. Slimware melamine dinnerware helps remind you of recommended portion sizes with correspondingly sized “food placement areas” (think: flower or swirl, not the divided plates you use at barbecues) for protein, a whole grain or other carb and vegetables. Use a souped-up kitchen scale, like Escali’s Cesto Portable Nutrition Tracker, to find out precisely how many calories are in your serving. Put your snack on the scale and, pulling from its database of common foods, the Cesto calculates its calories. This is particularly great for healthy-yet-higher-calorie snacks, like almonds, dried fruit or cheese—for which a small margin of error can easily result in consuming 100 (or more!) extra calories.

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