6 Easy Steps to Lose 10 Pounds Healthfully (Page 3)

Keep Track

Pictured Tool: The free Lose It! iPhone app

Task #2: Keep Track

Once you set your daily calorie goal, record everything you eat or drink—and the number of calories in these foods and drinks. Studies show that people who keep food diaries tend to lose more weight and keep it off longer than those who don’t. Tally calories as you go. If you wait until the end of the day, you’re more likely to exceed your target.

Tried-and-True: Carry a small notebook to use as a log; The EatingWell Food Diary also includes calorie counts of common foods.

New tools: Track your intake with an app or online site. The free Lose It! iPhone app (or its new Web-based platform,, remembers foods you’ve entered so it’s easy to find what you’ve enjoyed before and apply it to a new day. Check out, a free diary that lets you set up a Twitter-based food diary and track your weight and caloric intake. Foodpics Log uses your smartphone’s camera to capture what you really eat—in a nicely organized daily format—and allows you to add notes for each meal and snack. (We recommend entering calories in the notes section.)

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