Think You’re a Healthy Snacker? Ditch These 4 Snack Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Diet (Page 4)

Snack Mistake: You skip snacks altogether.

Pictured Recipe: Trail Mix

Snack Mistake: You Skip Snacks Altogether.

If you go too long between meals, you might be more prone to feast on high-calorie foods when you do eat, says a study in the October 2011 Journal of Clinical Investigation. Participants looked at pics of low-cal and high-cal foods (like ice cream sundaes) between 2 and 4 hours after eating lunch and had their brains scanned. Researchers found that participants were much more interested in the high-cal foods when their blood sugar levels were low (in other words, when participants were hungry) versus when levels were normal.

Healthy Snack Solution: Satisfy afternoon hunger—and avoid tempting-but-less-healthy options—by planning ahead. Start by stocking these Healthy Snacks to Stash in Your Desk.

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