Think You’re a Healthy Snacker? Ditch These 4 Snack Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Diet (Page 3)

Snack Mistake: You eat a morning snack.

Pictured Recipe: Almond-Honey Power Bar

Snack Mistake: You Eat a Morning Snack.

A 2011 Journal of the American Dietetic Association study found that dieters who didn’t snack between breakfast and lunch lost nearly 5 percent more weight (an average of 7.5 more pounds) over a year than morning snackers. Since breakfast and lunch can be only a few hours apart, researchers suspect that most a.m. snacks are fueled out of habit rather than hunger—and generally amount to mindless eating.

Healthy Snack Solution: Forgo the morning snack, unless you have to go more than four hours until lunch.

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