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Include Lean Protein in Every Snack and Meal Pictured Recipe: Salmon Salad Sandwich

Include Lean Protein in Every Snack and Meal

Research suggests that, gram for gram, protein tends to be more satisfying than carbs or fat. Including a little in every meal or snack will help you feel full longer. If you’re having just a salad for lunch, it should have a protein-supplying food on top. Think: grilled chicken or salmon, baked tofu or beans. Stack your snacks with protein, too—have some peanut butter on your apple or a little cottage cheese with your fruit or serve yourself some yummy hummus with your crudités. Or go for a low-fat yogurt or skinny latte: dairy is a magically satisfying combo of carbs and protein.

Recipes: A Month of High-Protein, Low-Cal Lunch Ideas

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