6 Ways to Exercise Without Even Knowing It

Six everyday activities help you keep fit and stay active.

"How about an article on exercise for people who are challenged, elderly or unable to do activities that can hurt? "

A group of scientists recently suggested, in a review that appeared in the International Journal of Obesity, that Americans are simply spending too much time talking about how our toxic food environment and our couch potato ways are making us obese. Perhaps there are other reasons that we’re plumping up, they proposed. Among their alternate obesity theories: we’re not sleeping enough, air pollution messes up our metabolism, we’ve adapted to air conditioning—and so we don’t need to regulate our internal temperatures by ramping up our metabolic rates (thus, burning more calories). At EatingWell, we still believe that eating right and exercising are the ways to manage your weight. To that end, we present you with some excellent ways to exercise without even knowing it—and feel better about turning on the A/C on those sultry days.

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