Here are some proven strategies to get you moving.

Lifestyle Exercise

Small changes in your daily routine can help you burn extra calories—but with today’s sedentary lifestyles, it’s up to us to invent our own opportunities to move our bodies. Try these Six Ways to Sneak in Lifestyle Exercise, then use our Living More Actively (click to download pdf) worksheet to come up with ideas that work with your life.

6 Easy Ways to Sneak in Lifestyle Exercise

1. Use the “5 & 10” rule for escalators and elevators: take the stairs if you only need to go up five floors or less or down 10 floors or less.

2. Walk or bike to errands less than 1 mile away.

3. Do your own gardening and yard work and housecleaning, burning calories and saving money.

4. Don’t be so darn efficient. Do one household task at a time, or make a separate trip (on foot) for each errand.

5. Change “classes” at work. Every hour or so, take four minutes to walk around–a bathroom break, visiting a colleague, etc.

6. Keep moving. While watching your kids at sports games or practice, use that time to walk or jog around the field.

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