3 Antidotes to Overeating

By Amy Paturel, "3 Antidotes to Overeating," May/June 2008

These 3 foods will help fix the damage of a rich meal.

"If you just "over" ate...should you really be hungry? So you really need to eat fruit after a big meal? Adding vinegar to your meal, because you know that you are going to "overeat"? ...Maybe plan on not overeating...instead of planning...

3. Eat Fruit.

If you’ve indulged in a decadent meal, consider fruit for dessert. In the Journal of the American College of Nutrition last April, Prior and his colleagues showed that eating antioxidant-rich fruits—including berries, grapes, kiwi and cherries—helps minimize the free-radical damage that occurs after a meal. Eating caloric meals, without antioxidant-rich foods like fruits and vegetables, can have harmful effects over time, says Prior. Finish your meal with a generous portion of fruit.

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