Cut 875 Calories with These Sneaky Food Swaps (Page 6)

Swap Some Ground Beef For Grated Vegetables

Swap Some Ground Beef For Grated Vegetables

Save: 30 calories
Ground beef is chock full of healthy iron and zinc, but its saturated fat can lend extra calories (that’s why it’s always good to look for lean ground beef). To sneakily lower calories without sacrificing portion size or flavor, try bulking up your beef with shredded or chopped vegetables—mushrooms, peppers, zucchini and even carrots work well. (You might recognize this trick from all those cookbooks on sneaking vegetables into children’s diets, but it works for adults, too—in fact, it’s another trick the EatingWell Test Kitchen uses often to cut calories, boost vegetables and make recipes healthier.) We recommend adding up to 1 cup of chopped or grated veggies to a pound of ground beef when making meatloaf, chili and other dishes. Doing this may help you stretch that pound of beef from four servings to five—and trim 30 calories per serving.

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