Clean Up Your Diet and Lose Weight

Learn how to improve your diet and lose weight by ditching these 4 foods.

"Everything in moderation" has long been my eating motto. As a weight-loss expert, I know small treats often help people stick to an overall healthy eating style. And the philosophy has always worked well for me. Until recently. For whatever reason (I’m blaming stress), my "moderate" treats, lately, have morphed into... more. Example: I’ll dish out a half cup of ice cream, then decide I need another quarter cup. Ten minutes later, I’ll revisit the freezer for just one more spoonful, which turns into another and another...

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I’m not normally one to ban "bad" foods, but I think my taste buds need a reboot, so I’ve decided to "spring-clean" my diet. For one week, I am ditching refined grains and foods with added sugars, as lately eating them seems to lead to eating more of them. While I’m at it, I’m also going to scale back my intake of salt and saturated fats (by giving up cheese). Why? How? Let me explain.

—Nicci Micco, M.S., Content Director, Custom Publishing & Licensing

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