Clean Up Your Diet and Lose Weight (Page 4)

Sayonara, sodium (or least some of it).

Why? I get too much sodium. And so do you, probably: Americans, on average, eat 3,400 milligrams of sodium in a day, about 1,000 mg more than we should. And if we cut that much out of our daily diets, we’d lower our risk of heart disease by up to 9 percent, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.
How? I’ll go easier on the soy sauce, even if I do use the low-sodium kind. In fact, I think I’ll actually measure out 1 tablespoon to put on the rice bowls I often make for lunch. I’ll skip all packaged snacks. I’ll cook dried beans in my slow cooker instead of popping open cans—which contain significant amounts of added sodium. And, most important, I’ll eat loads of fruits and vegetables, which are naturally low in sodium.
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