5 Ways To Help Your Spouse Eat Healthier—No Nagging Required! (Page 3)

2. Stock Your House with Healthy Foods

Out of sight, out of mind? This may be a good tactic for unhealthy foods. A study led by Brian Wansink, Ph.D., director of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab, found that people wolf down more than twice as many chocolates when they’re right in front of them compared to when they’re farther away – around 6 feet – and covered. I try to stock healthy options that my husband likes in highly visible places, such as bananas on the counter and yogurt on an eyelevel shelf in the fridge, and keep the sweets tucked away in the cabinets. If temptation still outweighs these extra barriers for your spouse, skip buying foods that trigger cravings and buy them or go out for them only on special occasions.

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