What to Eat for a Healthy Heart and a Healthy Mind (Page 2)

Pick Fish

1. Pick Fish

Research shows that eating just one or two (4-ounce) servings of fatty fish—salmon, mackerel, rainbow trout or sardines—each week can slash your risk of dying from heart disease by 36 percent. In another study, researchers tracked almost 80,000 women for 14 years and found that those who ate any type of fish at least twice a week had a 51 percent lower risk of thrombotic stroke (a type caused by clogged arteries) than those who ate fish less than once a month. A bonus: “The omega-3 fats in fish help reduce inflammation in the arterial walls and keep blood flowing to the brain,” explains Ralph Felder, M.D., Ph.D., internist and author of The Bonus Years Diet.

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